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Level 2 Chimney Inspection Dallas Services Are Reliable!

Any time the system is altered, a level 2 inspection is necessary. A change in fuel type (for instance, moving from wood to gas), alterations to the flue’s design or construction (such as relining), or the addition or replacement of a device with a different kind, input, rating, or efficiency are all examples of changes. A Level 2 inspection covers everything included in a Level 1 inspection, in addition to the accessible exterior and interior of the chimney, including the attic, crawl space, and basement. It will cover safe distances between combustibles and accessible areas. If you need level 2 chimney inspection Dallas services, contact us.

Dallas Chimney Sweep company in Dallas, TX, provides a reliable team of experienced professionals to offer these services. No matter how old or advanced your chimney is, we can handle it. Feel free to contact us for certified chimney inspections Dallas. We are just a call away.

When Is A Level 2 Inspection Required?

All chimneys should be inspected once a year and cleaned as necessary, according to NFPA211, a document on the construction and maintenance of chimneys from the National Fire Protection Association.

When there have been any alterations to the property or chimney that could have an impact on the chimney system, a level 2 chimney inspection Dallas is necessary.

For Instance:

  • The transfer or sale of real estate with a chimney system
  • If the fireplace’s fuel source changes (for instance, from wood to gas logs), the chimney
  • Whenever an appliance is added to, removed from, or altered from the chimney flue lining
  • If the chimney or appliance behaves strangely or has another issue
  • If a negative incident happens (building fire, storm damage, earthquake, etc.)

A level 2 chimney inspection will enable the house owner to decide on heating, plumbing, fireplace, and chimney service when a change, damage, or system adjustment happens.

Has The Cap Been Examined?

Yes, the cap is examined when the chimney’s exterior is examined. Our Dallas Chimney Sweep specialist will get access to the chimney top after evaluating the fireplace and chimney’s interior. The soundness of your chimney top and its capacity to preserve the masonry below are key factors in determining the health of your prefabricated/masonry chimney. The chimney top and crown often determine how long the masonry and flue liner will last. Level 2 Dallas chimney inspections must check the chimney top and chase cover because prefab chimneys have similar problems.

Why Is It Necessary To Have Chimney Inspection?

Animal nests, trash, or buildup from use are all examples of obstructions that might result in fires, smoke issues, or carbon monoxide poisoning in your chimney.

Creosote forms from fireplace smoke, fumes, and particles. Due to its high flammability, creosote can start a fire if left undiscovered for an extended period of time.

Additionally, the inspection verifies the brickwork, chimney crown, and chimney liner’s structural integrity. These places are obscured and frequently too high for a homeowner to view clearly. However, a chimney technician is equipped with the knowledge and skills to accurately examine the damage and decide what type of repair you may require. It’s important to have level 1 and level 2 Dallas chimney inspections. Contact our experienced and reliable crew to get the best professional inspection services for your commercial and residential chimneys. Our chimney inspections Dallas crew is just a call away.

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