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Chimney Repair Dallas – Our Mission Is Your Safety!

Chimneys are very important to our homes to prevent us from harmful diseases. The purpose of the home chimney is to remove toxic gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide, etc., that excrete during combustion.

Incomplete combustion of wood sometimes excretes creosote and black soot, also called black carbon, that can be slightly sticky and lingers in your chimneys until you remove it. It can cause cracks in your bricks and deterioration of the chimney flue and cap. Sometimes you observe the deterioration of the chimney cap that affects your chimney functions. So, repairing your chimney is essential to maintain its functioning of chimneys. Every chimney repair Dallas priority is to provide safety to homes by protecting our customers from the hazardous effects of toxic materials eliminated from combustion. If you want our chimney repairing service in Dallas, TX, you can contact our Dallas Chimney Sweep company for the best services.

When Do You Need Chimney Repair Dallas Service?

There are many conditions in which you must repair your chimneys. These are:

  • Damage and cracked bricks
  • Cracks in the chimney flue
  • Damage mortar
  • Creosote deposit
  • Deteriorated chimney caps
  • Blackening of bricks
  • Discoloration of mortar joints
  • Cracking in masonry head

Every homeowner should hire a chimney repair expert to inspect every minor deterioration in the chimneys before the repair gets costly. Are you conscious about your money and home? Do not worry! Our Dallas Chimney Sweep company provides chimney repair Dallas professionals for repairing your chimneys.

Trust us and give us a call in Dallas, TX. We will never let you down.

How Can You Repair Loose Chimney Bricks?

The following steps are involved in repairing loose chimney bricks.

  • Clear The Old And Loose Mortar

The first step is cleaning joints around the area of loose bricks. Clear out all the loose grout (a mortar used to fill the spaces) with the help of a chisel and hammer.

  • Formation Of Mortar Paste

Wear your gloves and add an appropriate amount of mortar to a bucket. Add water slowly and continuously into the bucket to form a paste.

  • Apply The Mixture To Reinstall The Bricks

Next, apply the mixture to all the areas where you need to reinstall the bricks.

  • Filling Empty Spaces

Fill the empty spaces with the mixture using a grout bag by placing its tip in the space.

  • Drying Of The Mixture

Let the bricks dry for a day for better results.

Call our Dallas Chimney Sweep company if you are worried about how to do it efficiently. We will send our chimney repair Dallas specialist to repair your home chimneys.

Repairment Of Leaked Chimney Flue Cap!

Damage chimney caps results in the release of carbon monoxide, smoke, and other harmful gases back into your homes that can cause serious health and respiratory disorders like:

  • Breathing problems
  • Dizziness and weakness
  • Stomach pain
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headaches etc

Many methods are involved in repairing flue caps. These are:


In this method, your whole damaged chimney gets replaced with a new one of the same size.


It requires using sealant to seal leaking areas of a chimney cap.


It involves the removal of old flashings and reapplying new ones.

Our chimney repair Dallas experts have all the solutions to repair your damaged flue cap or any other part of your home chimneys. If you need our best and quick repair

services at affordable rates, then contact us now.

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